The UnNatural Ones


HAFTHOR GILDENHAMMER – A dwarven eldtritch knight from the city-state of Blitzstadt, located in the mountains north of Baqi. He is the third son of the Baron Horst Gildenhammer of Blitzstadt. His father, eldest brother and uncle were murdered in a coup orchestrated by Hafthor’s elder brother Wulfric. His people worship the primordial of fire, Kossuth, and he may have been chosen by that entity to serve as an honored protector for the stronghold.

AHSIM KHAZZAD’HIM – A halfling shadow monk from a clandestine monestary outside Baqi known as the Shadowed Cloister. He was subjected to brutal training as a youth, leaving his body scarred and unbelieveably tough. His teacher, known simply as The Old Man, bestowed otherwordly powers on him while the party made their descent into Irondeep Hall.

NADAR OF NEMNON THE BLUE – A bronze dragonborn cleric of Bahamut from the reclusive jungle kingdom of Sedova. He sought advancement within his order to the clerical rank of Scalebearer, which he achieved when the Hand of Order eradicated several dangerous, powerful and evil creatures.

DRAVENIA WESTRA – A human druid, who met the party while on a quest on behalf of her order. She dislikes settling for too long in one place, eager to continue her mysterious mission.


BARON THEODORE GREEN – The Baron of Greensburg, and the original patron of the Hand of Order. Theodore’s sister, Theresa, was murdered by an Oni – an ogre mage – that then impersonated her in order to infiltrate the family. The Oni then killed Theodore’s father, Theon, and young brother, Theodred, before attempting to invade the town with a legion of goblins, orcs and ogres. The Oni was defeated by the party, and the town was saved. In gratitude, he granted them his sponsorship to form an adventuring company. He was feared dead after the destruction of Greensburg by the Purple Skull Horde, but was rescued yet again by the Hand of Order when they retook the town.

THERESA GREEN – Sister of Theodore, she was abducted, murdered and replaced by The Oni, who attempted to influence her family to allow a local festival to proceed, which would have left most of the town’s citizens at risk to the later invasion by the orcs & goblins under its command.

WINSTON – A grizzled veteran of the Greensburg town guard. Winston accompanies the party into the orc tunnels under the village of Scanton, and proves himself a deceptively efficient and ruthless fighter. The party encounters him again on their way to investigate the destruction of Greensburg, guarding a group of the town’s survivors who had barricaded themselves in a ranger station from an orc & hobgoblin scouting party.

SHELDON, LEONARD & HOWARD – Three town guards who accompanied the party and Winston into the Scanton orc cave. Howard died in the cave, while Sheldon & Leonard perished in Greensburg during the subsequent siege of the town by The Oni.

THE ONI – A powerful and intelligent ogre with sorcerous powers. The Oni was first encountered by the party disguised as an Eye of Gruumsh in service to an orc chieftain. During a battle with the chieftain’s warband, it changed form and ran off into the forest. Later, it murdered Theresa Green and impersonated her, infiltrating her family in an attempt to leave the town vulnerable to attack by the orcs, goblins & ogres under its command. The Oni’s forces overran and conquered the town of Scanton, and in the caves below kept a deadly demon-blooded orc called a tanarukk, which the party managed to narrowly defeat. While the party was in Scanton, The Oni killed and devoured Baron Theon and his young son Theodred, then gathered its forces, planning to lay siege to Greensburg. The party managed to beat the army back to town, then defeated The Oni, slaughtering its army. After it was killed, its skull was harvested by Hafthor, who used it to make a mold from which he cast an iron helm as a trophy.

KARRION – A human fighter and former solder who accompanied the party during their investigation into the orc attacks. Decided to remain in Greensburg after the battle with The Oni in order to help train new guards.



CULLEN THUNDERBREW – Owner & operator of Thunderbrew’s, an alehouse serving the best dwarven beers and meads in the town of Umber and points surrounding. Hafthor entrusts his family hammer to him, along with his iron helm molded from the skull of The Oni. The party strikes up a friendship with him and his barmaid, Jessie, and he provides them some valuable information about Umber and the Tumblers.

CAERWYN – Proprietor of the main general store in Umber, she helps the group offload some of their mundane loot from their adventures. She seems to have a bit of a soft spot for Nadar.

JESSIE – The buxom and wily half-orc barmaid at Thunderbrew’s.

RHIA MYRRDIN – A half-elf paladin of Helm, she and her brother Dylan show up in Umber looking for clues to a vision she claims to have had. The two subsequently aid the Hand of Order in clearing out a gang of bandits and exterminating a hill giant and his hag mistress, and are initiated as junior members of the company. She leaves before the party departs to investigate the destruction of Greensburg, believing her visions are leading her west.She carries the magic greatsword the party looted from the Recluse’s Redoubt.

DYLAN MYRRDIN – Rhia’s brother, a half-elf rogue. He has a sordid past that includes an attempt at recruitment by the Tumblers, and a gambling problem. He tends to be much more cynical than his sister, but proves himself a steadfast friend to the party. He leaves before the party heads to Greensburg in pursuit of his sister.

JAQAR – A Baqisian merchant whose shady behavior draws the ire of Ahsim, who then accidentally causes mayhem by using a powerful magic item Jaqar was attempting to sell him. After Hafthor reluctantly reimburses him, Ahsim attempts to extort a refund from him and is seriously injured when Jaqar is revealed to be a powerful spellcaster.

DAIRGAN SHNEPPER – An elderly gnome wizard sent by a wayfarer’s guild to investigate reports of a chasm that had opened up in a farming community outside Umber. He accompanies the party into the rift, which they discover leads to the upper levels of the Underdark.

DEWI FULLANT – A halfling sorcerer who cofounded a cartography company associated with Dairgan’s guild. He attempts to enter the chasm himself, but the party manages to catch up with him just as he begins his descent. Dairgan has little respect for him, both due to his youthful hardheadedness and the chaotic nature of his instinctual sorcerous magic. He later resurfaces when the Hand of Order fight to retake Greensburg from the Purple Skull Horde.

BARWYN CADDOCK – Head of the Carvers, an established mercenary guild in Umber. Caddock and his men seem amiable to the Hand of Order’s presence at first, but it is later revealed that they are secretly a subsidiary of the Tumblers, a thieves’ and assassins’ guild with a far reach. He and his men were dispatched to kill the party and capture Mirella, but were soundly defeated by the Hand of Order. Caddock was taken prisoner, but was subsequently killed during his interrogation when the party was ambushed by Tumbler assassins.

ETHAN KARAS – Head of the Tumblers, a thieves’ and assassins’ guild that competes with the Temple of Umberlee for control of the port town of Umber. He holds court over the fighting pits under The Brig. He dispatched the Carvers to capture Mirella for an unnamed drow who represents the Purple Skull Horde, as well as the assassins who assaulted the party in the woods outside town, causing Hafthor to swear a vendetta against him.

CARL THE CLUB – Karas’ enforcer. He was previously wanted for the assault and murder of Umber town guards, but the warrant was rescinded at Karas’ insistence. Carl is the current champion of the fighting pit at The Brig. Ahsim manages to last an unheard-of 45 minutes with Carl before finally being defeated. Carl has regenerative or resistance abilities against bludgeoning damage, and may not be entirely human.


HIGHBEARER MERRICK – Head of the Mirainen temple of the Church of Bahamut, he awards Nadar a symbolic platinum dragon scale, signifying a promotion in their order to the rank of Scalebearer. He then hires the Hand of Order to investigate the destruction of Greensburg. Nadar sends him regular reports on the party’s progress.

MIRELLA – A human bard of the Veduny wanderer tribe, she accompanied Neega Dragontooth of the Church of Bahamut to Greensburg and was present during its assault by the Purple Skill Horde. She was the only member of her party to make it out, but her escape was witnessed by a drow who subsequently put a price on her head through the Tumblers.

CAPTAIN CASSANDARAL SNOWBLADE – Leader of the Forerunners, a team of expert ranger-scouts from the high-elf kingdom of Talanorei. Snowblade and his team ancounter the Hand of Order in the forests near Greensburg, and question them about their intentions on their mission to liberate the town.

GENERAL MINEAR – Leader of Valtheryn’s elite gryphon rider corps, she debriefs the party after they liberate Greensburg from the Purple Skull Horde.

FATHER GRIGORI – The war cleric commander of the duergar forces guarding the front gates and barracks of Irondeep Hall, he comes very close to killing Nadar with his spells. After his death, the party acquires several magical items from his corpse: the Grimhammer, which Hafthor takes; a Ring of Defense, which goes to Dravenia; and Bracers of Defense, which Ahsim claims.

THE OLD MAN – The leader of Ahsim’s home temple, known as the Shadow Cloister. Ancient event when Ahsim’s grandfather was a boy, he may himself be a supernatural entity of great power. He appears in a vision bestows new abilities to Ahsim, along with a warning that he may have strayed too far from the path of the shadow monks. After the vision, Ahsim finds a fresh brand of the order on his palm, which frightens and concerns Mirella.

RULEY – A 14-year-old svirfneblin (deep gnome) druid who gave the Hand of Order a crucial clue to unlock the front gates of Irondeep Hall. She was separated from her loved ones during the initial attack on Irondeep; when the party finally meets her face-to-face, she has been living alone with her companion Rumble for over a year. She lights a fairy fire beacon that helps the party eascape when they are spotted by the mages guarding the front of the keep.

RUMBLE – An earth elemental, and the companion and protector of Ruley. He helps rescue the party from a fireball assault outside Irondeep Keep.

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