The UnNatural Ones

Episode 1: Piss and Vinegar – Part 5

The heroes have found the bandits' encampment and struck with a shock & awe strategy, only to be confronted by bandit lord Aaron and his GIANT DAMN SPIDER. Will they defeat their new arachnid nemesis -- "arachnemesis," if you will -- and what wonders and treasures lie inside the cave known as Recluse's Redoubt?


Episode 1: Piss and Vinegar – Part 4

The Hand of Order and their new recruits, the rogue Dylan & paladin Rhia, head for the Recluse's Redoubt, home of an enclave of deadly bandits who have been harassing caravans along the main road outside Umber. But the brigands may have a surprise in store for our heroes...


Episode 1: Piss and Vinegar – Part 3

A shopping trip turns disastrous when Ahsim's distrust of a local vendor creates mayhem in the market square. Will the rest of the crew be able to bail him out of jail in time to include Rhia & Dylan in their next adventure?


Episode 1: Piss and Vinegar – Part 2

Hafthor & Ahsim meet a gnomish mage in Thunderbrew's who might be able to lend a hand with an upcoming bounty. Nadar & Dravenia meet Dylan & Rhia Myrrden, a pair of sibling adventurers who are in search of answers to a possibly divine vision Rhia received, as well as some coin to fund their search. Hafthor entrusts a friend with an important item, and decides he needs a new axe.


Episode 1: Piss and Vinegar – Part 1

Hafthor, Ahsim, Nadar & Dravenia - the founders of the adventuring company known as the Hand of Order - return to the port village of Umber from a hard-fought battle against the bulette that devoured a local rancher. While recovering from the fight and preparing for their next adventure, they hear tell of some newcomers to town. But are they friend, or foe?

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