The UnNatural Ones

Episode 3: Is that a Euphemism? – Part 4

Hafthor's amazingly poor luck on his spelunking checks continues as he blunders across the entrance to a sizeable chamber in the cavern system. The endgame looks to be in sight for this bounty, but the Underdark has a few more surprises left up its tentacle.


Episode 3: Is that a Euphemism? – Part 3

After realizing that they have descended into the upper levels of the Underdark, the party's impulse to turn back and collapse the fissure are interrupted. Will they be able to save an imperiled comrade before the adventure takes a turn for the hentai?


Episode 3: Is that a Euphemism? – Part 2

As the Hand of Order make their way deeper into the newly-opened cavern after defeating a disgusting ochre jelly, Hafthor suffers an unfortunate workplace accident, made all the worse because he forgot about a fighter skill he had specifically told himself not to forget about. Revelations are made about the nature of the caves and the creatures that live there.


Episode 2: …For the Night is Dark and Full of Elevens – Part 3

Gnomish wizard Dairgan Shnepper fills in the team on a crevice that may lead to ancient ruins in need of exploring. But what was supposed to be an exploration quickly turns into a possible rescue mission when they discover the person who posted the bounty left without them! The Hand of Order and Dairgan race to catch up with the halfling sorcerer & cartographer Dewi Folant before he foolishly enters the rift alone.

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