The UnNatural Ones

Goblinterlude: Episode 2

The great goblin host, led by the hobgoblin warlord Magnar, have made it across the big water ditch with with but the loss of a few nameless redshirts. As they approach the stupid humie caravan headed to the big wall town, the Snotcrawlers ready for battle, all the while remembering Gam-Gam's secret mission to keep Grundle alive. Could something otherworldly be at work?


Goblinterlude: Episode 1

The goblins of the Black Nose Tribe's Snotcrawler Clan -- Jik-Jak, Nobble, Rattak and Blaarg -- return from slaying a cyclops (long story) to find the commander of the great goblin host, the hobgoblin warlord Magnar, has new "intelligence" about a caravan of stupid humies headed to reinforce the Big Wall Town. Can they and their adoptive ally Grundle help lead the host to victory? Or does danger await?


Episode 4: Welcome to Fight Club – Part 3

The party, along with new company interns Rhia & Dylan Myrrdin, head to The Brig, a Tumblers-run establishment that hosts an underground fighting arena. But will Ahsim's confidence as a martial artist write a check his butt can't cash?

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