The UnNatural Ones

Episode 9: Awakenings – Part 4

Dravenia and Ahsim head off on a stealth recon mission at the front gate of Irondeep Hall, leaving the party's clankier faction to guard the base camp. Naturally, things go pear-shaped.


Episode 9: Awakenings – Part 3

The head of the drow assassin slain during the retaking the village of Greensburg gives some disturbing revelations, leading the Hand of Order to the overrun dwarven citadel of Irondeep Hall. Who or what hides inside, commanding the combined goblinoid and underdweller horde?


Episode 9: Awakenings – Part 1

Greensburg has been liberated, but at what cost? Hafthor is comatose, Baron Green is a shell of his former self, most of the populace is dead or missing. And in the distance, the sound of reinforcements...

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