The UnNatural Ones

2018 UnNatural Ones Holiday Special

A group of Christmas elves, finally free from beneath the boot of Santa Claus, face off with a deadly terrorist at their lawyer's office holiday party. Can they thwart the evil mastermind, rescue their ransomed brethren and save Quebec City?


Episode 13: Here Comes the Boom – Part 3

The Hand of Order have managed to silence a duergar runner who tried to sound the alarm. But they’re starting to realize it’s only a matter of time before their presence is noticed. Nadar gets an upgrade. Irondeep Keep is located. And an unlikely ally tries a desperate gambit.


Episode 13: Here Comes the Boom – Part 1

After a harrowing battle with the Forge Guardian in the Deep Markets of Irondeep Hall, the Hand of Order take a well-earned rest. But Ahsim receives a harrowing visitation from a face from his past that unlocks worrying secrets within the monk's mind. But that's not the only trouble ahead...the sounds of hammers hitting metal ring loudly from the forges below.


Episode 11: Foyer Consideration – Part 3

In the depths of Irondeep Hall, the Hand of Order begin piecing together the sequence of events that led to the abandonment of the stronghold and the establishment of the underdark-native garrison there. When they discover a training room filled with foes, a hilariously overthought plan emerges...

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