The UnNatural Ones


The UnNatural Ones is a Dungeons & Dragons™ game using the 5th Edition ruleset, usually played by 5 highly immature yet surprisingly capable adults living in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area. There is comedy, tragedy, profanity and lots — LOTS — of nerdiness. Each week we present a new installment in the adventures of the group as they seek fame, fortune, meaning, vengeance and adventure in a world of monsters & magic, and along the way they’ll learn the value of friendship and feast on the finest meats and cheeses in all the land.



Mountain Dwarf Fighter (Eldritch Knight)

CURRENT MAGIC ITEMS: Greatsword (+1), Grimhammer

A dwarven eldtritch knight from the city-state of Blitzstadt, located in the mountains north of Baqi. He is the third son of the Baron Horst Gildenhammer of Blitzstadt. His father, eldest brother and uncle were murdered in a coup orchestrated by Hafthor’s elder brother Wulfric. His people worship the primordial of fire, Kossuth, and he may have been chosen by that entity to serve as an honored protector for the stronghold.


Lightfoot Halfling Monk (Way of the Shadow) / Warlock (Pact of the Blade)

CURRENT MAGIC ITEMS: Bracers of Defense, Slippers of Spider Climbing

A halfling shadow monk from a clandestine monestary outside Baqi known as the Shadowed Cloister. He was subjected to brutal training as a youth, leaving his body scarred and unbelieveably tough. His teacher, known simply as The Old Man, bestowed otherwordly powers on him while the party made their descent into Irondeep Hall.


Bronze Dragonborn Cleric (War Domain)

CURRENT MAGIC ITEMS: Mace (+1), Shield (+1 AC), Javelin of Lightning, Mace of Disruption

A bronze dragonborn cleric of Bahamut from the reclusive jungle kingdom of Sedova. He sought advancement within his order to the clerical rank of Scalebearer, which he achieved when the Hand of Order eradicated several dangerous, powerful and evil creatures.


Human Druid (Circle of the Land)

CURRENT MAGIC ITEMS: Broom of Flying, Ring of Protection, Brooch of Shielding

A human druid, who met the party while on a quest on behalf of her order. She dislikes settling for too long in one place, eager to continue her mysterious mission.


The party continues their descent toward the Gemgrove, and encounter more sinister presences along the way. What evil lurks in the spiritual heart of Irondeep?


The opening and closing themes of our show have been generously provided by Raleigh, North Carolina’s MEGA COLOSSUS. Visit them online at, and please show them your support by purchasing their music on iTunes or Amazon and listening on Spotify.

OPENING THEME: “Sea of Stars” from the album Hyperglaive

CLOSING THEME: “Swords Against Death” from the album The Sepulcher of the Mirror Warlocks (Recorded as ‘Colossus’)

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